Orphange in Kasoa Central Region
Orphange in Kasoa Central Region
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Love Transcends Continents

January, 2018


On January 13, 2018, Dr. Charles E. Graham, president of  Central Christian University of South Carolina, his spouse- Mrs. Betty Grahm, Vice  President, Dr. Mary O. Stover, her spouse-Deacon Rufus Stover, and Deacon Lawrence Smith- his spouse Mrs. Margaret Smith were privileged to travel to Ghana, West Africa.  The trip served as an opportunity to follow the missionary road towards assisting others while enlarging the personal territories of human development for the team.  


The travelers visited schools and a village where they, with humility, delivered rice, toiletries, and other gifts.  There was also time to learn some history and to celebrate life in church and in the community.

The Central Christian University Team was favored and blessed with complimentary food and shelter from their hosts: Bishop, Dr. Charles Mills, and his lovely wife, and a number of others ministers, a nurse, and other assistants.  Please continue to pray for our neighbors in Africa and the world.


Much gratitude is extended to Deacon James and Dr. Carolyn Andrews along with the Missionary Ministry of the Oak Grove Baptist Church in Columbia, SC for the monetary contribution to the missionary efforts of Central Christian University of SC. 

"The RAM Foundation Helps Kids Build A Brighter Future"  



"Statistics show that crime rates increase among children and teens during the summer," said Dr. M. Stover.  "Gang recruitment increases and they want to get them when they are young.  We believe that if we can give a child a dream, something beyond what he or she sees every day, get them to open up their hearts and minds to the possibilities, it is better for the child.  Without a dream, there is no purpose.  So we try to give them that dream and something new to think about.  Your conditions do not determine who you are,  Your dream is real. Go for it"

 Please visit us at "theramsc.org."


"The RAM Foundation Received Recognition from     

                           Ghana, West Africa"


Congratulations are extended to the RAM Foundation's Board of Directors, faculty, and staff for work in America that harvests respect from dignitaries from Ghana, West Africa.


 Dr. Charles Mills, Bishop of a Community of Ministers in Accra, Ghana, West Africa visited the website and Facebook pages of the RAM Foundation and was greatly moved by the efforts of this prestigious foundation. 


Before Dr. Mary O, Stover- founder/ CEO and the Central Christian University of South Carolina educational/ missionary team- left Africa, she was presented with an award that represents the Country of Ghana as a message of appreciation and recognition from Ghana.  Dr. Mills stated that "Someday, because of the work that will have been done in America, lives maybe physically touched in Ghana."





Posted February 22, 2016


Congratulations!  On February 22, 2016, Central Christian University of South Carolina in conjunction with the Greater Faith United Missionary Baptist Church hosted the Christian ordination ceremony for Rev. George Richardson, Rev. Mary S. Jones, and Rev. Pervis Graham as Christian ministers/preachers and Dr. Carolyn Smith as Christian Counselor. Reverend Doctor Charles E. Graham, President, presided.

"CCU of SC Graduates Christians Servants"

Congratulations Graduates!  Central Christian University of South Carolina joined the "hoots", the "shout outs", and the joy of celebrating its graduation exercises on June 22, 2019, at the Greater Faith United Missionary Baptist Church at 2:00 PM.

Best wishes are extended to The 2019 Graduates!  May lives continue to represent the love, peace, and excellence of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Central Christian University of South Carolina contact at (803) 786-6594.

Upcoming Community Events


Honoring Women History Month

Richland Library to host Shades of Beauty Program series:

"Shades of Beauty: Women & Mental Health-March 6th- 6:30- 7:30pm

"Shades of Beauty: Women, Wisdom, & Wealth- March 13th- 6:30- 7:30pm

:Shades of Beauty: The Celebration- March 20th -6:30- 7:30pm

Call Emily Stoll at 803-587-3638 or email estoll@richlandlibrary.com for more information.

RAM Summer Enrichment experienced its first successful e-programs (Summer-2020)




 Motivational Moment

"Don't settle for average. Bring   your best to the moment. Then,   whether it fails or succeeds, at   least you know you gave all you   had. We need to live the best   that's in us." - Angela Bassett