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Services at Office of Student Affairs 

Student Services and Development Program

The Student Affairs Motto: “Support, Develop, Succeed.”

The purpose of the Student Affairs Area is to serve and develop students through promoting services, resources, and solutions to facilitate students’ growth and success in their ministry.  


The Student Affairs Office seeks to complete the following:

  1. [assemble and allocate resources] determine, assemble, and allocate resources for effective student life administration.

  2. [embrace inclusion and diversity] embrace leaders and students who advance the work of the university in preparing persons for effective ministry to a diverse world.

  3. [Student Development] structure activities that develop students spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

  4. [student retention-graduation] apply effective measures to maintain at least a seventy percent retention rate to graduation.

  5. [Work with other-Library] identify and utilize services to benefit the university education.

Spiritual Development

Career Coaching. Christian career coaching services are offered in conjunction with Christian Service. 

To this end, we help develop and

guide the students to be greater servants for our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ.  In addition to being embedded in the structured

academic offerings of Christian

Service, students who are flagged

as struggling in this area or who request further assistance may

utilize this service. 

Emotional Development

Christian Counseling. Working in collaboration with the Office of

Christian Counseling, to enhance the leadership mindset of our students, we offer moral, ethical, and spiritual Christian counseling.  We offer

Christian counseling based on the premise of student’s first.   Not only will students who are mentally, spiritually, and emotional well

perform better, they will also

provide better services.  Student

may request these services with our office or directly with the Office of Christian Counseling.   

Physical Development

Physical Disabilities: Students with disabilities or special needs may verbalize consideration for

reasonable accommodations by

calling or emailing our office or at student advisement services. 

Students may receive test-taking assistance, campus escort service

both provided by the

Office of Student Affairs, or

training on document read aloud services provided by library services.

Social Development

Student Council. The incorporation

of the voice of students in all facets

of the university. Students may join

the Council to promote ideas,

contribute to governance, and

provide student-led functions. 

Students are invited to express

opinions about their educational experiences by completing

assessments and surveys

administered by the Assessment Committee. 

Grievance and Complaint. Students

may voice concerns and complaints

by submitting a complaint form.  Students may also submit

community spotlights, articles to the campus newsletter, or items to the events calendar.

Intellectual Development

Tutoring. Academic support is

provided with the offering of

tutorial services.   Students who struggle in class or desire

increased knowledge may take advantage of this services. 

Library Services-Information

Literacy. Tutoring offered in conjunction with faculty members

and library services.   Students may visit the Office of Student Affairs

during office hours, may request directly via faculty members, and submit an electronic ask a librarian

or virtual reference request form located on the library’s web page

to request tutoring assistance.  

 Student's Feedback

Students and alumni are strongly encouraged to provide ongoing feedback.  Constant feedback  helps

CCU to improve the quality of the services it provides.  Click on the links below to provide feedback.

Office of Student Affairs and on Campus Collaborations

Calibrating Department or Office

Mission or Purpose Statement of Collaborator

Christian Service

Our Christ-centered mission to aid in the spiritual, religious, and moral development of our students while providing training, and practical experiences to develop effective Christian ministers and leaders. 


Christian Counseling

Our mission is to prepare students with a Christian leadership mindset to provide moral, ethical, spiritually sound counseling to individuals on multiple platforms.  


Student Advising

We strive to provide academic advisement services and support to students throughout their matriculation at Central Christian University of South Carolina.


Library Resources

Library Resources provides innovative instruction, services, and resources to facilitate teaching, research, and learning.


Assessment Committee

The mission of the Assessment Committee is to conduct ongoing regular assessments to ensure institutional effectiveness.

Central Christian University of South Carolina holds Candidate Status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation (5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130, Orlando, FL 32822, 407-207-0808.)  Candidate Status is a pre-accreditation status granted to those institutions that meet the ABHE Conditions of Eligibility and that possess such qualities as may provide a basis for achieving accreditation statues within five years.

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